Custom-Made to Exact Specifications

  We manufacture all of the roofing panels and trim pieces. As well, we even offer exact color-matching seamless 24-guage steel gutters that are far stronger than any gutter systems offered by the alphabet companies . We work with Sheffield Metals roofing products. Click here to view a color chart.    

$1,000 Off* -Get a Steel Roof That Will Never Leak


  • Installation of a standing seam steel roof
  • Hidden fasteners
  • 24 gage steel
  • Hailproof
  • 35-year color warranty
  • 50-year structural warranty
  • Located in North Dakota
  • *Roof has to be in excess of 2000 sqft of total roof area

We Install Our Metal Roofs All Over North Dakota

 We are based in Carrington and install our custom roofs any place in North Dakota, including Bismarck, ND.

 If you're ready to install a new roof on your home or business, choose General Roofing & Construction.

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We Offer the Last Roof Your Business or Home Will Ever Need

Why settle for an inferior shingle roof that has to be replaced sometimes in just a few short years, when you can have a hidden-fastener, standing seam steel roofing system made of 24 or 22 gauge steel - with a 50-year structural and 35-year color warranty? 

Don't be confused by a construction company offering exposed-fastener, light-gauge barn metal roofing. None of these roofs offer a structural warranty and cannot withstand the strong winds or hail of North Dakota. 

Read "The Standing Seam Steel Hidden Fastener Difference" 

Standing Seam Roof in Carrington, ND

 The standing seam steel roof which we installed on this beautiful old house in Carrington will protect it for many, many years.  One of our favorite projects, it was exciting to see the difference that the roof made on the looks of this home.