The Roofing Systems at General Roofing and Construction are Engineered to Fit Every Building

Being located centrally in Carrington, we easily handle projects in every part of North Dakota including Bismarck, ND!


Leo Straley started General Roofing & Construction in 2012 with the mission statement of offering the most durable standing seam steel roofing systems in all of North Dakota. Since that time, General Roofing & Construction has become certified to install Duro Last  PVC flat roof systems.



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General Roofing & Construction Difference

1. We can offer a 50-year warranty on all standing steam steel roofing systems with a 35-year color warranty.
2. We manufacture all of our own steel panels with 4 different profiles, including a 2" mechanically-seamed profile.
3. We fabricate all of our trim and flashing parts for both our standing seam and flat roofing projects.
4. We offer a 15 year factory warranty on our Duro Last PVC flat roofing projects and can offer 20 year or 25 warranty upgrade.
5. We install our own standing seam steel and PVC projects without sub-contractors.
6. We offer 24 gauge (heaviest in industry) color matched 5" and 6" seamless residential and commercial gutter system.
7. We can fabricate metal for historical roofing projects (See Foster County Dome Project).
8. Our equipment allows us to work up to 140 working feet.

Choose a licensed metal fabrication service

We are hold a class B North Dakota Contractors license and can provide performance bonds when requested.
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